Asian  Air  Pollution  Workshop


20 October, 2017 (Friday) 

13:00-14:00  Registration for all participants
(Multipurpose room of Building No. 2)

14:00-16:30  Plenary session (Multipurpose room)

14:00-14:10  Opening remark: Prof. Kazuhiko Kobayashi

14:10-15:10  Keynote speech 1

Prof. Kazuhide Matsuda

            Dry deposition processes of atmospheric nitrogen and sulfur into forest

15:10-15:30  Break

15:30-16:30  Keynote speech 2

   Dr. Yoshihiro Nakashima

Studies for the trace species in ambient air relevant to the formation of

            the photochemical oxidants

16:30-18:00  Poster session with coffee and snacks
(Open space near multipurpose room)

18:00  Adjourn

21 October, 2017 (Saturday) 

 9:00-10:00  Keynote speech 3

Dr. David A. Grantz

            Air pollution impacts on plant water relations

10:10-12:10  Group discussion

Group A (Multipurpose room):

Effects of air pollution on plant metabolism

Chair: Prof. Elina Oksanen

Rapporteur: Dr. Masahiro Yamaguchi

Group B (Room 2-14):

Interactions between air pollutants and plants /ecosystem

Chair: Dr. Hiroyuki Sase

Rapporteur: Dr. Yasutomo Hoshika

12:10-13:30  Lunch break

13:40-14:40  Keynote speech 4

Dr. Xu Yue

            Ozone and haze pollution weakens ecosystem productivity in China




14:50-16:50  Group discussion

   Group C (Multipurpose room):

Multi-factor effects on the function of ecosystem

Chair: Professor Zhaozhong Feng

Rapporteur: Dr. Vicent Calatayud

   Group D (Room 2-14)

Monitoring, modeling and assessment

Chair: Dr. Alessandra De Marco

Rapporteur: Dr. Xu Yue

17:00  Adjourn

18:00  Banquet at local restaurant (optional)

22 October, 2017 (Sunday) 

 9:00-10:00  Discussion (Multipurpose room)

   Group E: Policies to mitigate air pollutants and theirs effects

Chair: Dr. Elena Paoletti

Rapporteur: Dr. Evgenios Agathokleous

10:00-10:20  Break

10:20-12:00  Plenary session (Multipurpose room)

Reports of the group discussions (10 min in each)

Group A: Dr. Masahiro Yamaguchi

Group B: Dr. Yasutomo Hoshika

Group C: Dr. Vicent Calatayud

Group D: Dr. Xu Yue

Group E: Dr. Evgenios Agathokleous

11:10-11:50  General discussion

Cochairs: Profs. Kazuhiko Kobayashi and Zhaozhong Feng

11:50-12:00  Concluding speech: Dr. Makoto Watanabe

12:00-13:00  Lunch break

14:00  Excursion to Meiji Shrine (optional)

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