Asian  Air  Pollution  Workshop


Oct. 21 (Fri.): Arrival to Beijing and check-in at hotel (own)

Oct. 22 (Sat.)

8:30-9:30 Registration (Room 601 of Building No. 2, RCEES)

9:30-12:10 Plenary session (Room 601 of Building No. 2, RCEES)

Opening remark (10 min): K. Kobayashi

Keynote speech 1. (30 min): D. Fowler

Keynote speech 2. (30 min): A.H. Chappelka

Keynote speech 3. (30 min): H.Q.Tian

Keynote speech 4. (30 min): T. Zhu

12:10-13:00 Lunch break

13:00-14:30 Poster session (Room 601 & 503). Poster to stay displayed during the workshop. Snacks and drinks to be served

15:00-17:30 Group discussion

Group A. (Room 601): Group A. Effects of air pollution on plant metabolism

Group B. (Room 508): Multi-factor effects on the function of ecosystem

Oct. 23 (Sun.)

9:00-12:00 Group discussion

Group C. (Room 508): Monitoring, modeling and assessment

Group D. (Room 608): Interactions between air pollutants and plants/ecosystem

12:00-13:00 Lunch break

13:00-14:30 Discussion  

Group E. (Room 608): policies to mitigate air pollutants and theirs effects

15:00-17:00 Reports of the group discussions

Plenary discussion:

Concluding speech (10 min.) ZZ. Feng

17:30- Dinner at a local restaurant (optional)

Oct. 24 (Mon.)

Excursion (optional): A one-day bus trip to field experimental station

Departure from Beijing: 9:00 am (subject to changes)

Destinations: Mangshan National forest park and O3-FACE sites at Tangjiapu village, Yanqing District, Beijing

Arrival at Beijing: 4:00 pm (subject to changes)

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