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The 5th AAPW will be held at Varanasi, India, 5-7 November, 2019. Please click HERE to register first.


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Asian Air Pollution Workshop (AAPW) was initiated in 2015. It offers a venue for the meeting of scientists concerned about the air pollution and its impacts on ecosystem, including air pollutant Monitoring, modeling, risk assessment on vegetation and negatively affecting mechanism.  

The prime activity at the workshop is discussions rather than presentations on the air pollution impacts following the tradition of the Air Pollution Workshop in North America. We would encourage participation from within Asia, but participation from other regions is, of course, quite welcomed. 

The previous AAPW were held in Tokyo, Japan in 2015 (AAPW-1), Beijing, China in 2016 (AAPW-2) , Tokyo, Japan in 2017 (AAPW-3) and Nanjing, China in 2018 (AAPW-4). 

Workshop of “Air Pollution Impacts on Crops and Ecosystems” to be held in Beijing, 14 May, 2018. Click HERE for the detailed information and registration form.


Ozone symptoms in Native Plants: 

1) Ailanthus altissima          2) Ampelopsis humulifolia 

3) Fraxinus rhynchophylla   4) Pinus bungeana;  Ornamental plants 

5) Robinia pseudoacacia      6) Hibiscus syriacus;  Crops 

7) Canavalia gladiata            8) Vigna unguiculata varheterophylla 

9) Benincasa pruriens          10) Luffa cylindrica 

11) Citrullus lanatus             12) Vitis vinifera.

 ( Zhaozhong Feng et al. Environmental Pollution, 2014, 193: 296-301). 

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